NAMB Names New President Donald J. Frommeyer

by 11 Nov 2011
Letter from NAMB and Donald J Frommeyer: Effective today, NAMB President Michael D'Alonzo has stepped down as President.  As President-Elect, I have assumed the role of President.  Mike served us for 12 months and I wish him well going forward as he turns his attention back to his business. The NAMB Board of Directors and committee members continue to remain committed to achieving the goals of the Association in representing mortgage professionals.  As you know, we can't do everything, but as a group, we are here to work together each and every day.  We have many new initiatives and events on the horizon.  We have worked tirelessly this year to get NAMB back on stable footing and to find more ways to bring value to its members. I want to let you know that I am excited to assume this role and I look forward to doing everything possible to help mortgage brokers remain in business and continue to be the best channel of delivery to consumers.  To quote a line from "Rudy", "I have been waiting for this all of my life."   I am ready and I look forward to working hard for this Association, following in the footsteps of Bob Armbruster, Harry Dinham, Patty McGill, Jim Nabors, Joe Falk and Jim Pair to name a few.  The one thing that we cannot forget is our past when looking to the future. This Association has been around since 1973. We will continue to fight the fight of the Mortgage Professional.  We want every originator out there to become a member of NAMB. In some of the recent articles that I have seen, one of the suggestions is to join your local and national associations. You will grow to be a better person because of it. Our grass roots government affairs efforts will remain a primary goal to protect our members. I look forward to seeing all of you in Las Vegas, December 3rd-December 5th.


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