NAMB appoints new president

by Francis Monfort18 Oct 2017
John Stevens has been appointed president of NAMB, an association that represents the interests of individual mortgage loan originators and small to midsize mortgage businesses.

Stevens was formerly president-elect and has held board positions with the organization since 2012. He has been in the mortgage industry since 2009. Stevens will be responsible for heading the organization’s overall strategy to expand membership and enhance opportunities for members.

“The majority of mortgages in the US are originated by small to midsize businesses, yet most of the industry isn’t aware of how much collective power we have when we come together as a group,” Stevens said. “My main priorities this year are to raise awareness of NAMB and NAMB’s efforts, to grow our membership, and to leverage our power to make even more positive changes for the brokers, bankers, and businesses we represent, as well as for all American homeowners, loan originators, and small to midsize mortgage companies.”

Stevens has developed strategies to expand the organization’s education programs and advocacy efforts, further strengthen its relationships with state broker associations, and expand awareness of the diversity of its target member base.

“I’m proud and honored to be named president of this organization, and I’m excited about the changes we can make in the coming 12 months,” Stevens said. “Our goal is to make it even easier for our members to have a voice, be represented, and deliver the quality of services that protect homeowners and new homebuyers.”

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