MPA crunches originator licensing data

by Justin da Rosa14 Aug 2015
The industry may have seen its fair share of players fly the coop following the economic recession, but some states are seeing an influx of originators returning in the wake of an improving market.

To get a sense of how much the industry is growing, MPA compiled the number of mortgage applications per state in the second quarter of this year.

In terms of overall originator licensing applications, California led the way with 2,043 total applications in Q2. Texas (1,402), Virginia (1,174), Florida (1,032), and Washington (933) rounded out the top-five.

But it was a small market that saw the largest per capita increase in mortgage originator applications.

Wyoming, home to a population 576,412 saw 273 total applications, giving it the higher percentage of application per capita at 0.05 percent.

And while the competition is ramping up in the Cowboy State, it isn’t other originators existing players are worrying about.

“We’ve been seeing an increase in competition,” Donovan McComb, an originator with First Interstate Bank told Mortgage Professional America. “But it’s mostly on the national level from the online players.”

To get a sense of how the industry is growing in your state, check out the interactive infographic below.

Statistical research by Charles Shipley


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