Mortgage tech integration streamlines lenders' refi strategy

by Candyd Mendoza11 Jun 2020

Homebot and Mortgage Coach have announced an integration that aims to bring value to lenders and their clients.

To help streamline the refinance process for lenders, Homebot has integrated the Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis (TCA) to its financial dashboard. The integration allows loan officers to provide clients with customized refinance options and detailed explanations for each loan.

"We're thrilled about the value this integration is bringing to our lender customers and their clients," Homebot CEO Ernie Graham said. "Together, Homebot and Mortgage Coach are helping lenders streamline their refi strategy while providing their clients with the knowledge and resources they need to build wealth through homeownership."

Additionally, the partnership enables clients to directly request a TCA via Homebot, which automatically notifies the loan officer and generates the TCA. In turn, lenders will be able to quickly identify and convert clients who are ready for a transaction.

According to Gemma Currier, senior vice president of retail sales operations at Guild Mortgage, the TCA and video communication capabilities of the platform were instrumental in their efforts to adapt to the challenging market conditions during the coronavirus pandemic.

"We have already provided approximately 200 unique total cost analysis experiences through the integration," Currier said. "Since our past customers are initiating the experience through Homebot, we've been able to provide valuable advice quickly and collaborate with customers instantly to select the best home loan option for their needs. The TCA and video communication functions have enabled us to provide that personalized experience we strive for with every connection, especially when meeting in person can be challenging in today's market."

The Homebot-Mortgage Coach integration is supported on Mortgage Coach Broker and Enterprise Editions and is available now.