Mortgage lender turns to cloud-based platform for data consolidation

by Candyd Mendoza08 Oct 2019

Mortgage lender Assurance Financial has partnered with Domo, a cloud software company, to consolidate its data into a single platform and gather more marketing insights.

Domo’s cloud-based platform unifies a company’s data records into one operating system, which the people in the company can access on any mobile device. The platform also provides insights on the firm’s performance.

Through the partnership, Assurance Financial said that it wants to be more transparent to its stakeholders, as well as improve its ability to better personalize its messaging to mortgage borrowers.

“In order to break out of the old-school mortgage industry mentality, Assurance Financial is bringing a new approach to the industry and digitally transforming the organization to have better insight into and understanding of the data,” said Pam Marion, chief customer success officer at Domo. “Domo’s cloud-based platform gives the team the confidence they need in their data to take actions that impact business results.”

"We needed a clear story of the customer journey to best understand the gaps and opportunities to fill them," said Katherine Campbell, director of marketing at Assurance Financial. “By using Domo, we are able to gather intelligence from website analytics, our customer relationship tool, point of sale platform, and all the way through selling off to the secondary markets.”