Mobile app for mortgage down payment crowdfunding launched

by Francis Monfort23 Apr 2018

Mortgage down payment crowdfunding platform HomeFundMe has rolled out a mobile application that seeks to ease access to crowdfunding by allowing users to share updates and post pictures and videos from their phones.

The mobile application follows the launch of HomeFundMe’s Affinity Portal, which allows employers to offer the platform as part of their benefit packages, with the option to match down payment donations.

With the launch of the mobile app, HomeFundMe is seeking to expand accessibility to the platform for new users as well as make crowdfunding more convenient for current users. The mobile app streamlines payments with its integrations for both Apple Pay and Google Pay. Users can allow share their crowdfunding milestones via integrated iMessage and social media sharing settings. The app’s notifications feature allows users to stay connected to their crowdfunding.

“With our new mobile application, we are continuing to give our users the most seamless experience in realizing their dream of homeownership with the most convenient tools. The homebuying process is not easy, but with mobile access, crowdfunding to meet your goals can be,” said Chris George, president and CEO of privately-held mortgage banking firm CMG Financial.

HomeFundMe launched the app as the program hits its six-month mark since launch in October. Since then, the platform has allowed users to crowdfund more than $750,000 and assisted 229 families in the homebuying process. CMG Financial has also given $300,000 in grants.


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