MERS: Myths, Misconceptions, and Realities by Joe Murin

by 01 Oct 2010
The housing crisis has revealed many things about our finance system. It lacked proper oversight, auditability, transparency, and incentives to do the right thing by borrowers and investors. My partners and I often refer to these calamitous times simply as the battle between ? ?victims and villains? - those who took advantage of the system and those who were taken advantage of by it. MERS is emerging as a convenient and misunderstood target for pundits and politicos that appear to view this organization as fitting the profile of a ?villain.? First, let me answer the question: What is MERS? The mortgage industry (the MBA, GSEs, and largest originators and loan servicers) created MERSCORP, Inc. to more easily identify and track individual mortgage loans and the information related to those loans, including the servicer and investor. The MERS


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