The Basics of Achieving Engaging Content

by 19 Feb 2013

Social media platforms are the settings where everyone shares interesting videos, jokes, photographs, and the like. We all have likely shared or watched a viral video that has made its way around the social media circuit. And we can all agree a viral video is certainly as engaging as you can get in terms of content.

You may have even wondered how you can achieve engaging content for your business or brand. Although it may seem like engaging content is nothing more than something interesting people want to share with each other, most engaging content has a number of things in common.

Business owners who want to create some engaging content of their own can ask themselves the following questions:

Did something remarkable or amazing happen?

An engaging video is one that may come with the message, “You’ve gotta see this.” An engaging story is one where people may say, “Take a minute and read this amazing story!” If your content is remarkable or amazing, you can be sure people are talking about you. And for the business owner, there’s no better way to achieve super-star marketing status. You know you’ve created engaging content if people are inclined or compelled to share it with others.

Does it pull you in emotionally?

Engaging content may pull at your heartstrings, make you hold your breath, and sigh in relief when it comes to a satisfying end.  People want to be touched emotionally, and they love underdog situations where the least likely person (or animal) becomes the victor.

Many times, copywriters use the formula of: Problem, Agitate, Solve. This means you’ve presented a problem, kicked it up a notch to get your audience emotionally involved, and then wrapped it with a pretty bow through a satisfying resolution. Emotionally compelling content is about resolution because everyone likes a happy ending.

Does it provide a clear call to action?

Your audience won’t be put off with your call to action if they are really engaged in your content. We’ve all seen the abused animal commercials that show animals being neglected and abused, only to find a safe haven in an animal shelter. That content certainly pulls you in and urges you to become emotionally vested. Throw in a good story about an abused dog defying all odds and surviving provides the remarkable or amazing aspect, and they’ve got you hooked. So when it comes time to donate to that shelter, is the audience offended? No, they are just the opposite. They are engaged, invested, and very likely to make that donation.

In other words, if you give your audience a really compelling piece of content, your call to action will be the icing on the cake. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, provided you have clearly made a strong impact on your audience.

Look within your company or industry and find someone who has achieved something remarkable and take it from there. Chances are you will create some pretty engaging content of which you will be proud.


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