Take a page from Quicken’s marketing playbook

by MPA08 Apr 2015
Quicken Loans is pairing up with country band Lady Antebellum to not only give fans backstage passes but to win a yearlong vacation from their mortgage.

The seven winners will receive a year’s worth of mortgage payments made in their name, according to Rolling Stone.

In the past, Quicken Loans has jumped on board with current trends like its billion dollar bracket challenge in 2014 that gave $1 billion to a person who could predict the winner of all 63 games in the college men’s basketball tournament.

However, this contest is a lot more attainable through the 7FOR7 Sweepstakes that is also celebrating Lady Antebellum upcoming world tour sponsored by Quicken Loans.

"7FOR7 has been one of our favorite ways to connect with fans off stage," says the group's Charles Kelley to Rolling Stone. "Being able to keep that thread going with Quicken Loans is something we're really excited to help make happen. Helping a family pay their mortgage for a year is a special gift, and I hope we help change some of our fans' lives in a real tangible way."

To enter, fans are asked to reveal what it would mean to them to meet Lady Antebellum and how it would help them to take a year-long reprieve from their mortgage payments. Entries will be selected based on creativity, clarity and thoughtfulness according to Rolling Stone.

For second prize winners, the band is giving away autographed copies of their album, 747.


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