Reverse mortgage: The next big thing?

by Ryan Smith21 Aug 2014
The reverse mortgage market has been around since 1989. It’s helped financially strapped seniors when nothing else could, and it’s extremely lucrative for originators. Right now, the reverse space is tapping into just 2% of the 10 million eligible borrowers out there.

But that’s changing. The reverse space is getting ready to grow in a big way. MPA recently sat down with six leaders in the reverse mortgage industry and talked about the future of the market, challenges with supply and demand; and the benefits –to both clients and originators – of offering this product. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be delivering an educational series about reverse mortgage – from definitions, market landscape and regulations, to training, marketing and compensation. Look for coverage in our daily e-newsletter, the most recent issue of MPA magazine, and through three video segments.

In these videos, some of the reverse space’s biggest players will talk frankly about the state of the industry and how forward originators can get involved in this lucrative product. To watch the first part of our reverse round table, click here or watch below:



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