Online origination: When is the right time to act?

by MPA03 Sep 2014
By Adam Stein
Special to MPA

Editor's note: Over the next few weeks, we'll be running expert online origination advice from Adam Stein, CEO of LoanTek.

The fundamental aspect of measuring engagement evaluates your email’s ‘click through’ rate. A consumer who is clicking links for additional information is a more engaged consumer as compared to a consumer who only opens an email. Similarly, an email that has a higher click through rate is an email that you want to pattern other emails after – I.E., the content, and the manner it is being offered in, is meeting your consumer’s value proposition. Not unlike A/B testing in landing pages (see Section I) emails can be systemically crafted to affect optimum results. Knowing what messaging your clients are reading and clicking on for more information is no less important than knowing when they are engaged.

Knowing when to act

Just because a consumer clicked on your message does not mean they will automatically proceed forward in your pipeline. It does, however, give you an indication of their genuine interest for more information. If you are able to contact that consumer in a timely manner with respect to their engagement with your email you have a much better chance of successfully moving them forward in your pipeline. The timeliness of your personal response as it relates to the customer’s email engagement is vital. A properly timed phone call like ‘I noticed that you watched our video today on first time home buyers – did you have any questions I could answer for you?’ will meet with solid results.
In closing, many CRMs will not have the ability to manage or measure all of the aforementioned attributes of a ‘Sticky’ CRM. Further, none of these individual attributes are of lesser importance than the other. The business of a ‘Sticky’ CRM is simple: provide a comprehensive contact solution that moves your clients through the sales process and improve your close rates. If you are not feeling positive about your CRM after reading this you should visit LoanTek.

Summary: The art of being 'sticky'

  1. Send concise messaging that is relative to the client’s pipeline status and induces them to advance their transaction with you.
  2. Messaging has to be:
  • Timely
  • Relative
  • Provide Validation
  • Contain a Call to Action
  1. Measure your email’s engagement rate and optimize your messaging accordingly
  2. Measure your consumer’s engagement to respond with a timely personal touch
Adam Stein is the CEO of LoanTek.