Mortgage software company launches its own app store

by Anna Sobrevinas27 Apr 2017
Mortgage automation software provider Floify has launched its own app store, according to a news release.

The Floify App Store will allow other users to build complementary apps with their brand within the Floify platform. Moreover, third-party developers will now be able to join the platform.

Floify already has 150,000 registered users that have access to the company’s integrations with loan origination systems, SMS providers, asset and income verification partners, e-signature providers, and file-sharing platforms.

Along with the app store launch is a Salesforce CRM app made by Razor IT, a full-service IT solutions company.

“Our core expertise is enabling key platforms to speak to each other, and we’re excited to be helping Floify customers get more value out of their Salesforce CRM,” said Razor IT CEO Jon Paul Hull.

Through the Salesforce app, loan officers are able to access their Salesforce summary report within the Floify pipeline dashboard.

“Our approach enables partners to stay specialized in their area of expertise without making lenders log into multiple systems” said Floify CEO Dave Sims. “Your CRM might be great at managing relationships but it wasn’t designed to manage closing disclosures or asset verification.”

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