Mortgage Cadence launches third generation of Borrower Center

by Anna Sobrevinas29 Mar 2017

The third generation of Mortgage Cadence’s Borrower Center will provide its customers with more mobility and an enhanced origination workflow of Enterprise Lender Center, according to a news release.

Borrowers will have more flexibility and convenience across devices, and they can create a secure account they can go back to anytime throughout the origination cycle to see the progress of their loan, upload files and converse with their lender.

There is less confusion and hassle as well because of Borrower Center’s single, web-based technology platform.

Borrower Center has design tools that will empower its customers “to adjust design and flow instantly, in real time, as market conditions and borrower preferences evolve,” as well as admin tools which give full control over page names, content, titles, fields and button names, which can be previewed before publishing.

“Our view on where we want to take mortgage lending draws from the kind of disruption we see in the transportation and hotel industries — attacking the major friction points and fully digitizing processes to increase the speed and efficiency of lending services,” said CEO Michael Detwiler. “Our new release of Borrower Center is the culmination of three years’ worth of investment and incredibly skilled employees bringing our vision to life, laying the groundwork for where we plan to take our digital lending experience to enable our customers to leapfrog the competition.”

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