LoanTek and Lender411 introduce new mobile web pricing integration

by Heather Turner27 Jun 2016
LoanTex and Lender411 have announced the release of their mobile web pricing integration. The mobile-friendly solution will enable mortgage lenders to expand customer interaction.
The custom website integration from LoanTek and Lender411 allow the lender’s real estate and builder relationships, and their mortgage clients, to shop and affirm their mortgage selections in a mobile marketplace. The solution provides instant information and access to the lender’s available programs, as well as rates, and terms. The digital marketplace helps build consumer trust and facilitates easier access to the lender’s services for their referral partners.
“We’re pleased to have another top flight integration partner like Lender411. The integration creates a robust, mobile compliant, solution that will meet the needs of millennial mortgage consumers. It’s a turnkey digital solution for the market that builds trust and enables user friendly consumption of mortgage services,”said Adam Stein, CEO of


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