If you want to change your business, think AI!

by New American Funding08 May 2018

If you’re not currently working with the top-producing Real Estate offices and agents in your market area, that’s about to change.

With the exciting rollout of New American Funding’s new Agent Intelligence (AI) -- a module within their GoGo LO app -- you’ll not only find out who these big hitters are, but you can begin serving them in the way that only you can.

No more guessing, no more wondering, no more speculating about whether you’re working with the right people to help you build your business. With GoGo LO’s AI, you’ll have the inside track on recruiting potential new partners while keeping tabs on your existing relationships, too.

The powerful capabilities of GoGo LO’s Agent Intelligence allow you to:

  • Search which Real Estate brokers have the highest productivity and then filter by branch and/or agents
  • Search agents by rank in a specific area or by branch
  • Search these agents’ active and closed listings
  • See whether their activity is on the sell or listing side
  • Follow specific agents’ real-time pipelines and productivity
  • Find out which lenders and LOs that brokers are working with
  • Look up competing LO and lender volumes and loan types

GoGo LO’s Agent Intelligence also comes with maps, contact information, personal production histories, and so much more.   

Armed with these kinds of street-level, real-time competitive insights, you can tailor your marketing strategy based on agents with loan types, volume and/or loan amounts you are looking to target. Your marketing will take on greater purpose and precision and give you that opportunity to show the top Real Estate Agents in your market what you can do that your competitors can’t.

But Agent Intelligence contains another equally powerful feature to put your career into overdrive. It shows you exactly which LOs are currently serving these top-producing agents. 

Specifically, you’ll be able to:

  • View the specific kinds of loans your competitors are producing (fixed, adjustable, FHA, VA, etc.)
  • See their volume over a specific range and market
  • Compile reports of mortgage company/real estate brokerage interaction

In other words, by knowing every move your loan competitors are making, you’ll be able to up your game accordingly.

Remember, as powerful as GoGo LO’s AI is, it is only the latest addition to GoGo LO’s growing suite of modules to help you grow your business. It is your office away from the office, offering the ultimate in mobility, where you can pull credit, scan and e-sign documents, and check every last loan detail and deadline, all while you’re on the go.

To start closing in on that inner circle of business that up to now has been off limits, think New American Funding, think GoGo LO and now think AI.  With all the competitive insights that Agent Intelligence provides, you’ll never wonder what your competition is doing again.


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