How does your salary compare?

by Ryan Smith11 Feb 2014

How much do you make? How does it stack up compared to take-home pay of the average mortgage banker? Well, you’re about to find out – if you have $3,500, that is.

Richey May & Co., a CPA and business advisory firm servicing the mortgage industry is currently gathering data for its annual mortgage banker salary survey, which includes data on base and incentive compensation for employees of privately held mortgage bankers, from underwriting and shipping to the executive level.

“Labor costs account for a substantial piece of bankers’ overhead,” said Kenneth Richey, managing partner of Richey May. “We offer the industry’s only survey of salaries paid at independent mortgage bankers, which allows those organizations to see a true comparison and gain insight into how their salary levels measure up in relation to their peers. We’re in a very competitive employment market today, so it’s vital that independent mortgage companies pay their employees’ salaries that are in line with the rest of the industry.”

Survey participants aren’t compensated, but those who participate are eligible to purchase a custom report which includes the participant company’s rankings against its peers for any position for which the company submitted data.
All data must be submitted by Feb. 28. Results will be released to those who wish to purchase a report on March 31. The cost of a report is $3,500.

Those wishing to participate in the survey should visit Reports may be reserved by emailing