How can you make Facebook work for you?

by Ryan Smith21 Mar 2017

In today’s world, Facebook isn’t just a convenient way to keep tabs on how your family is doing and which of your high school friends are losing their hair. It’s also an indispensable marketing tool. Unfortunately, the platform’s ubiquity is a double-edged sword: loan officers can get their message out to all their friends and contacts, but they run the risk of oversaturation.

“The average person has about 300 Facebook friends. In theory, there are about 30 deals that can be had if you have 300 Facebook friends,” said Jason Lutz, COO of LOsocialbot, a web marketing firm for mortgage pros. “The problem that many loan officers face in marketing to their friends and family members is that you don’t want to be selling to your friends and family all the time. It’s obnoxious, frankly.”

Lutz and LOsocialbot will be bringing their marketing expertise to a free webinar titled “Get referrals from Facebook without annoying your friends and followers” April 6.

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“What I’ll talk about is how you can be in front of your friends and followers in a really cool way, so they’ll be excited about your information instead of dreading it,” he said.

And learning to market effectively on Facebook isn’t a matter of preference – it’s vital. The platform’s ubiquity has seen to that.

“It’s extremely important,” Lutz said. “There are several reasons why, but one of the main reasons it that the key to sales is being in front of somebody at that magic moment – when they actually want what you sell. And there is no better place for that – at least on the internet – than Facebook. People spend about 25% of their online time there.

“Statistically speaking, the people who are active on social media outsell their competitors,” he said. “It’s all about being in front of people at the time they’re ready to buy or refi, and Facebook is the ideal place to catch those people.”

The trick, Lutz said, is to make sure you’re not overselling your product on your personal page.

“You want to treat your personal page very differently than your business page,” he said. “Post far more often on your business page. On your personal page, you want to post far more sparingly.

‘Of course, it has a lot to do with your audience,” he added. “Maybe a lot of your friends are tax accountants, real estate agents and so on. In that case, they might want to read those posts. It’s all about finding the right balance – and it also depends on your content. If you have good, quality content, you can post a lot more.

For more great tips for effective social media marketing, check out LOsocialbot’s free April 6 webinar, “Get referrals from Facebook without annoying your friends and followers.” To sign up for the free webinar, click here.

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