Far Out Friday: The least professional resignation letter ever

by MPA20 Dec 2013
Upon realizing you are in the wrong career do you (A) resign with a professional letter to you manager; or (B) resign via an email to your entire team and in the process tell them how you really feel about them and the job? One young Texan chose the latter and now the infamous email has gone viral.

Glory, an associate auditor with PwC, sent out a goodbye email laden with hashtag advice to her former colleagues as well as slamming the profession.

The email, entitled “Farewell and QUEEN BEY ALL DAY!” (although a more appropriate title would be #burningbridges), begins formally but by the second paragraph has descended into a vitriolic rant about auditing as a career and how “fake” her colleagues are.

“I strongly believe that auditors hate their lives and try to rationalize every piece of it. ‘Oh it's just busy season’ or ‘If everybody did the jobs they loved to do then there would be nobody doing the jobs that need to be done.’ Measley (sic) excuses to justify pursuing a useless, meaningless career....” she writes.

She then goes on to offer some advice for her colleagues to take to their next team meeting, including these gems:
  • Auditing is for the birds, get a real career that has meaning #dontbeFAKEaboutitbeABOUTit
  • Those coach and partner “relationships” or “meetings”....whatever you want to call them....Just stop. #thatishissoawkward #icantdeal #soforced #fakeconvosforfakeauditors #noidontwanttogazeintoyoureyesatatablefortwo #waytoointimateformytaste
  • Let's keep it real, partners are treated as if they're royalty. The reality is, THEY'RE NOT! They are average Joe's like you and I, only their pockets are a little bigger. So, there is no need to wait at the partner's feet acting like you'll do any and everything to please them. For what? No need to come in early just to greet the partner on the job. No need to act like you're such an overachiever by doing all of these unnecessary things. If you're an overachiever, be a real one..not a phony. No need to wait until the partner leaves during busy season only to leave 20 minutes later. Your time is just as valuable, are the partners God? I don't think so...#don'tbeasellout #thepartnerisgoinghometoeathisorherwarmsupper #whileyouarefakeauditing #weallknownooneisproductiveafterabout7pm #gohomeandcuddleupwithyourkids #ohandspousestoo #isntthatwhatthepartnersaredoing? #ohwellsIdigress
  • Trying to get all in people's business...STOP! Everybody isn't an open book and I'm not the type to give you my life story within five minutes as a lot of you in public accounting do. #mindyourbusiness #keepthosenoseyquestionstoyourself #noneofyourbeeswax
The rant then goes on to single out four individuals, telling one male co-worker “#yourlifesucksandyouclearlyknowit” and another that “#yourvisionofyourselfisskewed #takeyourselfdownacoupleofnotches”.

And just when you think it couldn’t get any weirder, Glory ends the email with a list of reasons why Beyonce is better than Britney Spears. We will spare you the reasons (but if you’re curious you can read them and the full email here) with the exception of the final one -- which is also how she ends the email.
  1. Beyonce wins and now that I'm out of here, I win too!!! #doingtheharlemshakeasitype
Since the email went viral Nior CPA has interviewed Glory. She told the website while it was unprofessional and not the “most mature thing” she had no regrets.
“When I pressed the send button honestly I felt a sense of liberation, I felt like I was being freed,” She told Nior CPA. “I didn’t feel any sort of emotion. I was just living my truth at that moment. I pressed send and I felt so free.”