Can you fund this new home transaction in Washington?

by MPA18 Nov 2014

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Here’s someone looking for refinancing in Washington:

Purchased a property for $260,000 with ARV at 345,000 that will close on the 26th of November. I have 13,000 of my own money and 3,500 in escrow. I already have a hard money loan for 210,000 towards the purchase and 30,000 for rehab.
In the process of obtaining a business line of credit with a written grantee for a minimum of 80,000 that I intended to use towards the purchase, but.... it may not be available in time for the closing.
Looking for a short term loan of 65,000. which can be guaranteed through the business line of credit, which I receive........
The lender would have to be willing to be 2nd because the hard money of 210,000 is first.
I can be reached at email provided.


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