Caleb Guillory | Young Guns 2014

by Ryan Smith05 May 2014
Caleb GuilloryCaleb Guillory
Age: 32
President, TagQuest 

When mortgage marketing firm TagQuest opened its doors in 2004, Caleb Guillory already had years of experience.

“I’ve been in the real estate industry since I was a teenager and have a passion for finance, which is what brought me to love the mortgage industry,” Guillory says.

Guillory and the TagQuest team stay ahead of industry changes by monitoring marketing all over the country. That means they can often spot changes coming in the mortgage market before the market itself.

“Mortgage marketing is an ever-changing animal,” Guillory says. “I like being at the cutting edge of that and breaking the mold of tradition.”
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President, TagQuest (2006)
Years of Experience:
Current State Oregon
Home State  

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