Ask the Expert: Is reluctance to act crippling your chances of success?

by MPA25 Aug 2014
I know you have already spent a lot of time answering the question about loan officer success. I have enjoyed the topic and your last statement hit me a like a lead balloon. You mention "reluctance" and that describes me. I have it big time. How do I get over it?
--No name from Oklahoma

Thanks for the question. I should point out that you are not alone by any stretch of the imagination. All of us have some form of reluctance and it inhibits our performance. For many, it can cause failure. I would have to know more about you before I answer your question; however, let me give you a few general guidelines:
  • First step is that you must admit that you have an issue. If you don't admit there is a problem, there is no chance of fixing it.
  • Second step is that you must find out what kind of reluctance you have. There are books that have been written on this issue and there are over 20 different kinds of reluctances -- from dealing with those you know well to avoiding the telephone. I give a webinar on this topic that goes over the different variations of reluctances such as telephone reluctance.
  • The third step is to come up with a game plan which targets your reluctance. What might be in such a game plan? Let me continue with that next week.
--Dave Hershman

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