Ask the Expert: How do I get underwriters to listen?

by MPA30 Jun 2014
By Dave Hershman
Special to MPA

I really enjoyed your self-employment webinar you presented recently. It helped me understand many concepts that I needed to know and it is not like I am a rookie--I have 15 years experience in the business. Some of the techniques you talked about are great--but how do I get underwriters to listen?
--Elliott from New York

That is a good question. Today, there is less and less "human" contact with underwriters because of electronic submissions and centralized systems -- at least in many companies.

I am old fashioned. I still advise that loan officers write cover letters to state their case. Your job is to put the human into the equation. Think about it--all the underwriter sees is a bunch of numbers and a bunch of documents. You know the people behind the numbers and their situations.

With regard to self-employment, if you are going to overcome issues such as less than two years self-employed or declining income you must have facts on your side and you must state your facts in a logical manner. This is what a cover letter is all about. Plus it makes the job easier for the underwriter that must justify their decision.  In today’s era of “ultra-compliance,” the importance of this last fact cannot be understated.
--Dave Hershman

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