March is Here!

by 04 Mar 2010

I have been busy getting trained at a part time job. It has been decades since I have had to ?clock in.? And when I use to clock in, the time clock would actually stamp your time card which was made of paper. Now, you press a button and swipe a card made of plastic. Anyway, I digress???.. This first week of March seems to be starting off good. I have received several appraisal orders. This may be because of the current low interest rates and homeowners realizing that rates will be going up (possibly because the Government will soon stop buying mortgage backed securities?). For whatever reason, I hope it continues. There is hope for my survival in this changing market. In looking through the job ads both online and in the printed media, there are quite a few job openings being offered from the banks. They are looking for in house appraisers. Could this be a trend? The market is certainly ripe for a starving independent appraiser to get a permanent job. I have applied to work for two more appraisal management companies. I will see how it works out. Funny thing about my situation, I have had time to reflect about my career as an appraiser, and I may wind up changing to another career. I will keep my license, and continue to work in the field. But this situation has caused me to seek out all my other options and do some soul searching. And, I have found that I really enjoy writing!! I started out writing years ago, first as a journalism major (who wasn?t in the 70?s), then for a Body Building magazine (that was really fun) and off an on over the years. So, I will continue to write about the appraisal industry and my situation. It will really be interesting to see what happens to HVCC this year. Only time will tell!! And by the way, my part time job is at the Happiest Place on Earth! Sincerely, Lamarr


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