Man targeting struggling homeowners caught

by Justin da Rosa24 Nov 2015
A man, who used 13 different aliases, has been arrested for mortgage fraud.

“Tim Burke,” “William Burke,” “Bill Burke,” “Jeff Burke,” “Kerry Saunders,” “Pat Riley,” “Jim Caldwell,” “Jim Saunders,” “Tom Morrisey,” “Jimmy,” “Phil Burke,” “Phil,” or “Burt”.

Depending who you ask, one of those was the man who allegedly defrauded individual homeowners, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and lenders by promising to offer foreclosure relief.

However, those aliases were all used allegedly used by Timothy Burke, a 64-year-old Connecticut man, to carry out the various frauds, according to the the CT Post.

According to federal officials, Burke offered relief services but never negotiated with lenders or paid off the existing mortgages.

Burke is being charged with mail fraud, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years.

He allegedly targeted homeowners and convinced struggling homeowners to sign documents that would release them from their homes and mortgage commitments.

After retaining control of the properties, Burke allegedly rented them out.  Many of the properties involved in the scheme were eventually lost to foreclosure.

This isn’t the first time Burke has found himself in legal hot water. In 2002, Burke was indicted by a grand jury in New Jersey on charges of mail fraud, conspiracy, and equity skimming. He was sentenced to five years in jail and three years of supervised release.


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