Making a difference

by 21 Mar 2017

Engrained in their culture and mission, Loan Simple has strived to make a meaningful and positive impact in the communities in which they live and serve, as well as throughout the world. For the past two decades, Loan Simple has been committed to making a difference one loan at a time, making a donation to charity every time a loan closes.

“Loan Simple believes in leading by example,” says Jason Dozois, CEO at Loan Simple. “Anytime we present an opportunity to get involved in a charitable event or campaign, we make sure to put our money and time behind the cause.”

Organizations such as, the foundation founded by Matt Damon and Gary White to provide access to safe water and sanitation, and Feeding America, our nation’s leading hunger relief charity, are just a few charitable causes that have benefitted from Loan Simple’s support.

In addition to making donations, Loan Simple also gets involved with causes by placing feet literally on the ground. Partaking in charitable activities, including walking for brain tumor and breast cancer causes, is just the beginning. Through the years, Loan Simple employees have banded together to sponsor baseball and basketball teams in communities with financial hardships, hold food and supply drives for animal shelters, as well as conducting food and clothing drives for senior citizens in need. “We always make sure to really promote and acknowledge an employee going the extra mile for a cause,” he says. “We’ve found that by promoting these individuals it inspires others to take action.”

To get the message out to clients about the role they serve in helping communities, Loan Simple created the Benefits Box, designed to let clients know that giving Loan Simple the opportunity to serve them has also benefited others in their community and around the world. “We let them know which charities we’ve made contributions to on their behalf and that we appreciate them giving us the ability to make a difference. We firmly believe in paying it forward and we know that a little effort each day will add up to a mountain of help over time,” Dozois says. 


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