Make the most of the Holidays to ensure future success

by Justin da Rosa29 Nov 2017
One of the country’s highest funding originators shares a Holiday action plan that any broker can use to set themselves up for a more profitable 2018.

Set goals. Network. Touch base with clients.

Those are the things originators should do during the holidays to prepare themselves for the year ahead, according to Shant Banosian, branch manager with Guaranteed Rate.

“This is the time of year when you really need to do goal setting. Figure out what your professional goals are in terms of self-improvement, personal goals outside of work; do all those things and really spend the time working on understanding your numbers,” he told Mortgage Professional America. “It’s important to take the time and break down what you’re doing on daily, weekly, monthly basis. Make sure you write that roadmap out; a lot of people don’t do that and they just wing it day-by-day.

“Take the time to create a business plan for next year. That’s very important.”

Banosian is perennially one of the country’s top five originators. He funded $437 million last year and expects to do even more this year.

And part of his plan for success in 2018 includes kicking off his marketing and networking during the Holidays.

“This is also the time of year you should do all your networking. You need to really buckle down from (now until) February because it’s hard to get out of the office in the spring when all the deals are coming in. It’s hard not only for us to get out of the office but also all the brokers because they’re doing business as well. So they tend not to want to meet as much,” Banosian said. “We find that we do all our networking lunches, meetings, dinners, parties -- all that kind of stuff -- over the next two-to-three months when the market is slower. There’s also a bit more free time for the agents.

“Those are the things in a nutshell that I do.”

While many originators think clients prefer not to be contacted during the Holiday season, Banosian believes the opposite is true due to the fact that clients also have more downtime this time of year.

“We do a lot of stuff ... we help with tax planning. We send them all their mortgage documents they may need for their tax planning. We try to do that at the end of the year,” he said. “We do a lot of campaigns in terms of calling and emailing to see if clients want to refinance or upgrade or downsize. Buying a second home or investment property. This is the time of year you have more time to reach out to people.”

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