LoanBeam integrates with Freddie Mac platform

by Ryan Smith11 Mar 2019

LoanBeam, a company that provides automated income calculations from digital tax data, has announced that its technology has completed its integration with Freddie mac’s automated underwriting system.

LoanBeam’s technology was designed to simplify lending to the self-employed borrower segment. Its integration with Loan Product Advisor’s asset and income modeler (AIM) will speed up the loan-origination process for those borrowers, the company said.

“In today’s competitive housing market, lenders rely on technology to help them stay competitive,” said Sry Gajjala, chief product officer at LoanBeam. “We are proud that our fully integrated solution can help expedite the loan-closing process.”

“Technology is advancing the housing industry in ways that can help all borrowers,” said Rick Lang, vice president of loan advisor strategy and integration for Freddie mac. “Our partnership with LoanBeam keeps Freddie Mac on the cutting edge of providing innovative solutions and the best service to lenders in the industry.”