Loan officers are among the happiest careers in the U.S.

by MPA09 Mar 2015
Sure, mortgage pros have had a rough few years, but those woes aren't bringing them down. According to online jobs site, loan officers have one of the most satisfying professions in America.

For its list of the 10 happiest U.S. jobs for 2015, CareerBliss collected and analyzed data from more than 25,000 reviews by the website's users over the last two years.

Respondents were asked to rate their job satisfaction on a scale of one to five in seven categories:
  • Person one works for
  • People one works with
  • Support one receives
  • Rewards one receives
  • Growth opportunities available
  • Company culture
  • The way one works  
  • Handles daily tasks.

The survey results led to loan officers reaching the no. 3 spot. Although they tend to work long hours, loan officers reported feeling an overwhelming satisfaction for helping people realize their dreams, according to

Whether it is purchasing a home or starting a business, loan officers play a critical role and spend a lot of time working face-to-face with clients.

Last year, loan officers ranked as the fourth happiest jobs with an average salary of $54,200. See the complete list of happiest jobs below.

10. Systems developer
9. Senior software engineer
8. Business development executive
7. Website developer
6. Oracle database administrator
5. Research assistant
4. Automation engineer
3. Loan officer
2. Executive chef
1. Principal