Lighter side: A cautionary Airbnb tale

by Justin da Rosa05 Jun 2015
Ari Teman, a New York-based comedian, posted his rented apartment on Airbnb and thought he had booked a guest named “David” ostensibly using the unit to put up family in town for a wedding. What David actually planned was much sexier.

Teman noticed some suspicious behaviour and decided to Google the number given to him by David. He discovered online advertisements for a “BBW Panty Raid Party” that was to be hosted in his own apartment, according to Gawker.

Understandably, Teman -- not wanting a group of strangers to fornicate all over his apartment -- reached out to Airbnb who had the locks changed and sent him $23,817 for damages incurred while setting up the apartment for the pending romp.

And that’s where the story could have ended.

However, Teman’s landlord found out about his clandestine plan to profit on his rental apartment and has kicked him out. Not only that, Teman claims the landlord has had him put on a “blacklist” and he has not been able to retain another home.

In a post online, Teman wrote:

I am homeless because you stuck a “XXX Freak Fest” orgy in my apartment and abandoned me to deal with the fall out.

I’m not homeless because of finances – though the unimagined debt and massive amount of lost work caused by your orgy hasn’t helped – but because thanks to Airbnb I’m on a blacklist and cannot get a legitimate lease in all of New York City.

Brokers refuse to help me after looking me up and finding I’m on the blacklist. One building management refused to even accept a full year’s up-front payment because I was on the blacklist.

I’ve had to sleep in over 20 places since you put an orgy in my apartment, because I cannot get a lease. I’m exhausted and want a home.