Letter to the Editor

by 29 Oct 2009

It’s officially conference and expo season! First up is the 96th Annual MBA Conference and Expo. If you are in San Diego during October 11th – 13th, please stop by our booth. We’ll also be at NAMB West in Las Vegas on December 6th - 8th.

We aren’t your “run of the mill” mortgage industry trade magazine that publishes “safe” content or press releases month in and month out. The reason for our quick ascent as a leading magazine for mortgage professionals is because we bring readers content with edge and grit; we leave the press releases and marketing 101 articles to our competitors.  This magazine is for mortgage professionals who are passionate and serious about the industry in which they work. With that said, this is a very exciting issue for a couple of reasons. First, Martin Andelman writes on bankruptcy reform. This feature article is sure to create controversy and fire some folks up. Let the games begin! And second, we are introducing a new column this month called The MBS War Room by Adam Quinones and Matthew Graham of Mortgage News Daily. They will be bringing you an original column each month that will help folks gain a firm grasp on what drives our secondary market. You will not find more knowledgeable, ardent followers of the secondary mortgage market than these two guys. You may also find them at MortgageNewDaily.com, one of the fastest growing mortgage industry news/blog sites with almost 50,000 members.
Keep up the fight,
Robert Pegg
Letters to the Editor
Coumo’s Crossingby Martin Andelman
I am an appraiser is Salem Oregon. As you would assume, as an appraiser I have read several articles on this topic. This article was by far the most informative article I have read. The only aspect that was not touched on was that certain AMC’s are taking the money from qualified appraisers’ income and taking it out of the country, thus lowering the amount of American based tax dollars. I would like to publish this article on my personal website, as I believe the message needs to be told in as many venues as possible. With articles like this, people in and outside the industry need to be aware of your publication.
Thank you for your time,
Shad Russo
For What It's Worth Appraisals, Inc
Shad – Thank you for pointing that out, just another reason why HVCC needs to be shut down.


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