Independent brokers gain a wider global reach

by Donald Horne16 Oct 2015
“As an independent broking company we approach the delivery of our clients’ needs a little differently,” says Jose Fonseca, CEO of Brokerslink, one of the world’s largest independent global broking companies. “As a result, some insurance products often don’t deliver all of the coverage and specific benefits we believe are essential to protect their global businesses.”
Brokerslink welcomed 10 new members and announced the launch of a customised products strategy at its 2015 global conference in New York, bringing its total premiums and consulting fees in excess of $20 billion and its total brokers and specialist resources members to 85 operating in more than 90 countries. 
“We believe Brokerslink offers independent brokers and specialist resources providers with a wholly compelling reason to join forces and provide aligned protection and specialist risk services for global clients,” says Fonseca. “Our model is proven, our client base is rapidly growing and we are regularly winning business from the traditional global broking behemoths and their consolidator cousins.”
Over the next 12 months Brokerslink intends to launch products covering both traditional and emerging risks says Fonseca, to provide clients with a strong independent alternative to the multinational brokers. 


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