HUD set to delay fair housing rule

by Francis Monfort08 Jan 2018
The Department of Housing and Urban Development is set to extend a deadline under a fair housing rule issued by the Obama administration in 2015.

Under the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) final rule published by the HUD in July 2015, program participants would conduct an Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH). Regulations provided for a staggered submission deadline for these assessments.

The HUD’s Office of the Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity is set to issue a notice that it is extending the deadline for submission of the assessments to the next submission date that falls after Oct. 31, 2020.

According to the notice, a review of initial assessment has led the HUD to believe program participants require more time and technical assistance to comply with the process and complete submissions that will be accepted by HUD.

“HUD's decision is informed by the review of AFH submissions received,” the HUD said in the notice. “Based on the first 49 AFH initial submissions that received a determination of accept, non-accept, or deemed accepted from HUD, the department found that many program participants are striving to meet the requirements of the AFFH rule. In 2017, the department conducted an evaluation of these submissions and found that more than a third (35%) were initially non-accepted.”

Julián Castro, the former HUD secretary who oversaw the AFFH’s introduction in 2015, criticized the move.

In a tweet sharing an article about the notice, Castro said the HUD has effectively crippled the AFFH. “It will be up to the next Administration to get this back on track,” he said.

“We need to maximize opportunity for all Americans, regardless of their background, not look the other way when communities limit their opportunity,” Castro said in a later tweet.

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