HUD puts manufactured housing rules under review

by Francis Monfort29 Jan 2018
In response to the shortage of affordable housing, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has initiated a review of its manufactured housing rules.

The HUD has issued a request for public comment in an effort to identify regulations that stifle affordable housing and job creation because they are ineffective, overly burdensome, or excessively costly.

For the next 30 days, the department will accept comments about existing or planned regulatory actions to assess whether actual and potential compliance costs are justified.

“Manufactured housing plays a vital role in meeting the nation's affordable housing needs, providing nearly 10% of the total single-family housing stock,” the department said. “It's estimated that more than 22 million American households reside in manufactured housing, particularly in rural areas where this form of housing represents an even greater share of occupied homes. The manufactured housing industry is also an important economic engine, accounting for approximately 35,000 jobs nationwide.”

In addition to recommendations by the statutory federal advisory Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee, the HUD will consider the public’s comments when adopting, revising, or interpreting its manufactured housing rules.

HUD said the review follows an executive order issued by President Donald Trump under which he directed federal agencies to streamline regulations. HUD Secretary Ben Carson has charged the department’s Regulatory Review Task Force to review existing rules that may inhibit job creation or impose costs that exceed the public benefit.

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