Guaranteed Rate to add nearly 300 jobs

by Ryan Smith02 Mar 2017
Guaranteed Rate is adding about 280 new positions this year and expanding its Chicago office space by 22,000 square feet, the company said.

The company will add the positions as part of its Liftoff loan origination training program. The Liftoff program offers sales training and all required certification exams for prospective loan officers. It requires no previous industry experience, according to Guaranteed Rate. Graduates of the program will originate loans for the company’s online division.

“Our company has grown by more than 25% over the last year, and as a result we’ve created hundreds of job opportunities in Chicago and across the country,” said founder and CEO Victor Ciardelli. “The Liftoff program is an awesome opportunity to get into the industry, and offers all of the tools to be successful in the field.”

Guaranteed Rate has more than quadrupled its employee count over the last decade, from 680 employees in 2006 to more than 3,000 at the end of last year. And the 280 Liftoff positions the company is adding are only a portion of its expected 2017 job growth; the company has already hired around 90 people since the beginning of 2017.

The company’s revenues also continue to rise. In 2006, Guaranteed Rate saw revenue of about $43 million. In 2016, that number had grown to nearly $778 million. In the last five years alone,
Guaranteed Rate’s workforce has doubled and its revenue has increased by more than 400%.

“Guaranteed Rate continues to grow, create jobs and give back to the communities it serves,” said Sean McCarthy, director of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Opportunity. “The creation of nearly 300 fulltime, skilled positions with high income potential and full benefits this year is exciting news for Chicago’s workforce.”

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