Future housing hotspots could surround America's major cities

by MPA16 May 2013

Originators looking for future housing hotspots should focus on areas surrounding some of America’s biggest cities, as young, educated people flock to major metro centers.

A new report has indicated more than 1.4 million young people with a bachelor’s degree or higher migrated to the top metro areas in the US from 2006 to 2011. The areas surrounding these cities could be potential home buying hotspots, as young professionals eventually migrate from the city to the suburbs.
 The report said that top cities receiving college grads were; New York City (199,926, +25.6%), Chicago, Illinois (96,542, +27%), Washington D.C. (91,994, +33.3%), Los Angeles, California (91,635, +21.4%), and San Francisco, California (64,035, +31.8%).
Different cities received grads with different career specialties, according to the report, released by USA Today. For instance, Texas is a hub for young, successful engineers, California is a haven for top technology grads, while New York is the center for arts and entertainment. 


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