From The Editor's Desk - Feb 2010 Issue

by 19 Jan 2010

As 2010 is a new beginning for the year and the decade, so is this issue of The Niche Report. As Managing Editor, I want to thank all of you for reading this publication. Your dedicated following is why we strive to maintain a high quality magazine with informative and sometimes controversial articles. I have been with the magazine from the beginning, first as an author of features articles, then as the first monthly columnist, adding Copy Editor to my responsibilities and now as Managing Editor. I have received many emails and calls over the years from readers around the country, all praising the copy of the latest issue, commenting on an article that struck a chord with them or venting about a topic that needs change in the industry. 

Robert Pegg, the founder, has written this page since day one as “Note from the Founder.” Periodically, he has incorporated “Letters to the Editor.” With the New Year comes change, and so now I will be taking the helm here and will be introducing each new issue with my wisdom and wit, “From the Editor’s Desk.” Not saying that Robert is not a good writer, just saying he is not a good writer. And Robert, if you are reading this, stick to the technical side of the publication, you do that well.
This month’s Center Stage, The Niche Report talks with Mary Miller, Director of Product Management for, who provides borrowers a hassle-free, anonymous way to receive unlimited and customized mortgage quotes directly from lenders, for free. 
We add a new regular month column that is focused to appraisers. As an integral part of the industry, they have limited exposure to nationally circulated copy. As a finance professional, I welcome an appraiser’s point of view and pearls of wisdom every month, and I hope you, as the reader, will send me an email to let me know how you like the new column.
I am so privileged to have Bliss Sawyer write an outstanding article on lead generation. As a nationally recognized authority on relationship based marketing, she has bunches of great advice to help you jump start the new year with leads to fuel your business. If you have never heard of her, then read the article on Lead Generation then visit her website.
Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzLocal, has endeared us with an article on one of the most creative and cost effective ways to market; on Facebook. You have to read this article if you have a Facebook page. This is the kind of unique information you can only find in The Niche Report.
One of the greatest gifts that can be given to anyone is the opportunity to have a successful business. I hope The Niche Report provides the knowledge and information you need to be successful. Cheers!
Stewart Mednick


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