Freddie HARP Rumors--are they true?

by 02 May 2012

You may have been hearing (also experiencing) a substantial amount of turn downs on HARP loans using LP and Open Access. 

I have had personal experience with this in trying to refi my rental property that qualifies for HARP.  I went to the first lender they wanted full doc and an appraisal.  Because my rental property is in a remote area of South Dakota, nobody would do the appraisal.  So, a few weeks later, I applied again, LP came back with no appraisal—and a paycheck stub. 

While there are rumors that LP is updating their HARP underwriting, FHLMC has not released anything formally at this time.  The media has latched onto some information that Brad German (Media spokesperson for FHLMC) has addressed in a Chicago Tribune story.  Here’s an excerpt and the link to the full story below.  Mortgage Currentcy will continue to monitor for any formal announcement coming from FHLMC on this topic.  Brad German only alludes to 'waiting a few weeks before attempting again'.  This story was published on 4/14/12.  One could argue that it is already been a few weeks, but they (FHLMC) may make the changes without any fanfare. 

Full story:

Excerpt:  ".....In response to complaints from lenders, Freddie Mac this week will undertake a "fine-tuning" of its underwriting process, according to Freddie Mac spokesman Brad German. Specifics of how the automated underwriting models will be altered aren't being disclosed, even to lenders, but some homeowners who have been turned down for the program may now qualify, he said.

"It will be a noticeable, positive change for the homeowner," German said. "It will help increase the number of borrowers who can refinance under HARP and take advantage of today's rates.

Freddie Mac's German suggested that borrowers with Freddie Mac-backed mortgages who have been rejected for HARP may want to wait a few weeks before possibly reapplying for the program."

Bottom line, based upon my experience, the follow info might be true and help you get more loans approved the second time around.


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