Former Trump campaign chair found guilty of fraud

by Ryan Smith21 Aug 2018

President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman has been found guilty on eight charges in a tax and bank fraud case.

Prosecutors accused Paul Manafort last year of laundering millions of dollars through real estate holdings.

While a federal jury convicted Manafort on eight of the 18 counts with which he was charged, it was unable to reach a verdict on 10 other counts, and Judge T.S. Ellis III declared a mistrial on those counts, according to an NPR report. The Justice Department has the option to retry Manafort on those counts.

Prosecutors said that Manafort dodged the IRS by hiding income from foreign consulting work, according to NPR. When those consulting jobs became scarce, prosecutors said, Manafort lied to banks in order to receive loans to fund his lavish lifestyle.

No sentencing hearing has been set, but Manafort was expected to be returned to custody after the verdict, according to NPR. In June, a federal judge ordered him jailed after he was charged with witness tampering.

Manafort is also set to go to trial in a separate federal case in September. In that case, he has been charged with conspiracy and failing to register as a foreign agent.