Finding success and passion in real estate

by Heather Turner16 Mar 2017
An MPA Young Gun 2016, Ben Stoodley is a prime example of how the mortgage industry welcomes people from different educational background, as long as they have the entrepreneurial spirit – and some math skills! After completing his undergraduate and graduate studies in civil engineering, Sttodley then realized that the traditional office cubical setting was not meant for him. “Real estate allowed me to build my own business completely dependent upon my actions,” he says. “The financial/investment side of real estate was a great fit as it compiled skills I had learned from structural/construction engineering, many hours completing complex math problems, and my natural drive to be an entrepreneur with investing.”

Looking back on the rough start he had when he first moved to California from Virginia a few years ago, he credits his current success to the mindset gained from that difficult experience. “My decision to move to California with no plans taught me more about myself and life as a whole than all 23 years of schooling did. Without going through this, I wouldn't have the mindset necessary to get where I am now, nor the drive and knowledge to get where I am going tomorrow,” Stoodley says. 

Today, Stoodley is a loan originator at Lantzman Lending, a San Diego-based hard money lender, and co-founder of a Fix n Flip Networking group with his partner who is a full-time investor. Combining their knowledge of investing and lending, they provide groups of current and future investors knowledge to help their real estate investing endeavors. 

This undertaking falls right in-line with Stoodley’s passion for teaching his clients about the financial side of real estate. “Being a hard money lender, we need to clearly explain the benefits of using a hard money loan for real estate investments. It's always a good feeling to see investors faces change as they start to see the big picture and better understand the benefits of hard money financing. We have a very bright team [at Lantzman Lending] and provide unparalleled service. I look forward to continue learning from these guys, spreading the knowledge, and assist my clients in growing their businesses.”


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