Far Out Friday: Finance worker finds second career playing dead

by MPA23 May 2014

A former computer programmer at a top insurer and financial advice company has turned his hobby of creating gruesome murder scenes and photographing them into a real job.

Chuck Lamb often spends hours re-creating a variety of different murder scenarios with his wife, who then photographs him playing dead for his website.

Gruesome scenes have included being crushed by a garage door, electrocuted by a toaster, and run over by a jeep.

Since its launch in 2005, Lamb’s website Dead Body Guy has received over 50 million hits, Express reported.

But now he’s been offered a big break – the dream he’s always been dead keen to fulfill.

Lamb has just starred in Netflix’ cult horror hit Thankskilling, which follows the story of a demonic turkey that kills students, and has been a hit on the online streaming site.

He’s also enjoyed 25 roles on television and film, including starring in 2007 thriller Vacancy alongside British actress Kate Beckinsale.

Lamb’s strange hobby started out as a joke with his wife. 
Living in the Midwest also meant there weren’t many exciting opportunities around, he said.

"I just thought - wouldn't it be cool to be on TV? How could we do that being nobodies? I had a dream that I was the dead body on Law & Order. I woke up and realized: you don't need any talent to play dead!” Lamb said.

"So [wife] Tonya made up fake blood and started photographing the poses. She's the brains behind it; I'm just the big hunk of meat that lies around 'getting slaughtered'.”

These dreams are now becoming reality as offers are flooding in for Lamb to play soon-to-be-murdered characters.

He said his uncanny corpse-like appearance has made him the perfect candidate to play a dead body on the big screen.

"No one's ever going to call me and ask me to be the leading man heart-throb, so I thought I'd put what God gave me to good use.”


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