Far Out Friday: A very very very fine house

by Ryan Smith10 Jan 2014
How much would you pay for a house? Well, business tycoon Mukesh Ambani – the richest man in India with an estimated net worth of more than $22bn – set the world record last year when he moved into a 400,000-square-foot, 27-story home.

The home, called Antilia, is reported to be the most expensive in the world, costing somewhere between $1bn and $2bn to build. Several of its 27 stories are high-ceilinged, so the building itself is close to the height of a 40-story skyscraper. It boasts a yoga studio, a swimming pool, a health club, a mini-theater, an “ice room” complete with manmade snow, and parking for 168 cars, according to the Los Angeles Times.

If cars aren’t your thing, you can fly in to the house, landing on one of three helipads, according to Business Insider. Once you’re in the lobby, you can choose one of nine elevators to take you to the upper floors.

So, Ambani rents out most of this space as apartments or something, right? Nope. The entire house – all 400,000 square feet of it – is home to a family of six, according to the Times. Of course, it takes a staff of about 600 people to keep the place running.

The family’s living quarters are on the top floor because “we wanted the light,” Ambani’s wife, Nita, told Vanity Fair. Of course, for the price they paid for the house, the family probably could have just purchased the sun.


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