Educating clients to a better mortgage experience

by 19 Apr 2016

Purchasing a home is the single-most expensive purchase any individual will make in their lifetime. Partnering with the right lender who is prepared to navigate through the entire mortgage process is key for a successful transaction – but, knowing the ins-and-outs of the buying process can make what could be a stressful experience far less taxing with the right knowledge and resources in hand.

The mortgage professionals at Loan Simple teamed up with education technology innovator EverFi to create educational modules to help borrowers better understand the mortgage procedure. “Through this partnership, we provide online education resources that are free of charge to anyone with access to the internet,” says Jason Dozois, CEO at Loan Simple.

By offering a consumer portal online, Loan Simple clients can access financial literacy tools that provide information on mortgages, savings & investment, payment & credit cards, credit scores, overdraft protection and insurance & taxes. Additionally, the company incentivizes the experience by compensating clients at close for classes completed. “We know that educated clients are better equipped to make financial decisions that fit their lives comfortably,” Dozois says.

To better arm their clients, Loan Simple knows that their loan officers also need the right education and tools in order to steer their clients through the intricacies of a mortgage. Especially in a time when regulations are ever changing, Loan Simple encourages continued education and training internally through divisions designated to training employees in a variety of vital categories. “We know that knowledge creates opportunity and success,” he says. “We have training engineered towards building business, training designed to help with the operations end of our industry, training that moves towards target specific marketing, and training [to help staff] get up to speed and stay ahead of the curve.”

“We know that an educated staff is better equipped to help guide clients to the right products,” Dozois continues. “And, we know that as a company, the more education and training we make available, the more impact we can have in ensuring that clients find the right products to make home ownership a pleasure and never a burden,” he concludes.


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