Do you eat tough loans for breakfast? Check out this one from our Lenders Wanted section

by Ryan Smith02 Oct 2014
When you’re looking to fund a tough loan, check out our Lenders Wanted section. You can post the loan details for MPA readers to consider. And if you’re a lender who eats tough loans for breakfast, you can reply to let the poster know you can help.

Here’s an interesting one from Connecticut:
I have a person looking to purchase a 42 unit SRO building that they have managed for 2 years for the present owner. Buyer is a licensed realtor and well connected in the local market with shelters, counselors and law enforcement. They are 95% occupied with steady cash flow. The LTV will be 50% or less. Purchase price about 600K so a 300K first mortgage. Other property available for cross collateralization. Interested?
You can reply to the poster here.

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