DIY Tips to Improve the Value of Your Client’s Home

by 13 Jul 2012

As real estate agents, the goal is simple:  to sell your client’s home for the best possible price. You use all of the tools at your disposal to make a sale, from learning all about the market to fighting to get your client’s asking price met. You work every day to assure that your client’s needs are being met. Unfortunately, your clients might not grant you the same courtesy.

It can really help matters if your clients work with you. Getting the best possible price for your client’s property requires more than just your hard work. To get the most out of a sale, you have to get your client involved. Making sure that they keep the home clean during showings is not the only way that they can help. Encouraging your clients to make some simple home improvements before selling can help the sale along. Pass along these simple tips to help your clients add value to their home.

Spruce up the front of the house

The first impression that potential clients will get of the house is the exterior, so it is a smart place to make some improvements. A substantial impact can be made without spending too much money. Recommend pressure washing the house and driveway to get rid of dirt and grime. A fresh coat of paint on the house’s trim can take years off of the appearance. Even the small details like replacing the house’s hardware can make a big difference.  

Add storage

Adding storage solutions can help your client in several ways. First, having plenty of storage options makes it easier to keep the house neat. This will be a huge help when the house is being shown, as it allows your clients to quickly tidy up when potential buyers are on their way over. Storage solutions are also a feature that buyers love. Adding shelving in the garage or extra storage within cabinetry can allow potential buyers to see how easy it would be to live in a home that has organization built in.

Paint the ceilings

Ceilings are not an area of the house that most people focus on. However, when people are interested in a home, they will scrutinize down to the smallest detail. Ceilings get dirty, but they aren’t always easy to clean. They can even discolor over time. Freshening up the ceiling with a coat of paint can help brighten your client’s home.

Update the lighting

The right lighting can make anything look better. Updating the lighting can point the focus towards the best features and help create a pleasant atmosphere. Your clients can make lighting changes without having to make a huge investment. This can be done cheaply at garage sales or thrift stores.

Reseal Windows

Energy efficiency is something that any savvy homebuyer will check out and ask about. Advise your clients to prepare for this by taking measures to reseal all of the house’s windows. All your client has to do is remove the current sealant with a Stanley knife and then replace it with a mold resistant double sealer. These small steps can really make a difference in preventing the loss of energy.

Make sure that you give your clients all they need to help the sale along. Inform them about how they can increase their home’s value through several DIY improvements. Your clients want their home to sell for the best price, so help them realize their part in helping the process. When you and your clients work together, you can maximize the home’s selling potential. 


Post provided by Joe Schembri with one of Florida’s premiere homebuilders building communities such as these Naples Florida luxury homes.


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