David Lykken: Technology -- what to embrace and what to ignore

by MPA30 May 2014
By David Lykken
Special to MPA

I'm the kind of guy that loves bright and shiny new objects. I'm a big fan of technology. Generally, the more quickly and efficiently you can do something, the better. Greater technology gives us the means for creating growth. It's an exciting time to live in an age which so many technologies are arising everyday.
All of that being said, I think we need to be careful about embracing technology for technology's sake. If it doesn't help us do our jobs better, then it is not worth embracing. Sometimes, we need to ignore new technologies. Some new applications are merely distractions. Great leaders in our industries will develop the discernment to know the difference.
On the radio show, I recently interviewed Lester Dominick of MortgageFlex. Lester manages technology better than just about anyone I know. He provides a startlingly simple and yet profound answer to the question of what to embrace and what to ignore. Lester listens to his customers. If the technology solves his customers problems, he uses it. If it doesn't, he discards it.
In the end, that's really what counts. Does technology help you better serve your customers? That should be the crucible by which every technology is tested. Serving customers is what keeps business moving. Technology that helps us do that is the kind of technology we need.


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