Creating a 1800# Call Capture Lead Machine by Tom Ninness

by 03 Nov 2008
The traditional loan officer has faced many obstacles and has been forced to utilize every tool available to reach the masses. Instead of relying on the basic face-to-face relationship with realtors, builders and past clients, new levels of innovation has elevated the loan officer to becoming a Mortgage Market Strategist. It means thinking ?outside the box? to gain clients. Call capture is a unique tool. For mortgage originators, the process records and tracks phone calls 24 hours a day from prospects. Call capture utilizes technology that allows more contacts with less effort. As a means of building relationships, call capture provides an opportunity to pass qualified leads to your best referral sources. Providing solid leads to those professionals with whom you align yourself will help build your sphere of influence. It creates a tool to offer your realtors, builders and ?for sale by owners? (FSBO) prospects extended opportunities to touch your best clients. How Does it Work for Realtors? Agents will have the access to your call capture phone number that they may use on their marketing literature and are given specific extensions for each of their listed properties. These extensions are available for all of their marketing material, such as reports, consumer tips, and information on the property. Using the 1-800 technology has the capabilities of increasing the agents? calls received by 400 percent and can save up to 50 percent in their marketing costs. The realtor has the responsibility of contacting the prospects, providing information, answering their questions and thanking them for their inquiry. Agents may use these extensions for all of their marketing material. As effective as this tool is, making it available to everyone is not practical. As part of your business planning, clients should be broken into three categories. A, B and C will be used to delineate clients and the probability of purchasing a home. ?C?s may be ready for purchase anywhere from 4 to 12 months in the future. They may be ?lookie-lous? or serious buyers who just aren?t ready at this moment in time. Periodic email updates, with their permission, keeps your name in the forefront of their mind. Be available to answer questions, but don?t spend a lot of time pursuing their business. ?B?s are more likely targets. There has been more consideration on the home buying front and they are serious contenders. Some additional attention should be offered to them, through email, mailings and personal phone calls. Their time frame is more likely 2 to 4 months away and educating them in pre-qualification and pre-approval is appropriate. ?A?s are the number one candidates. They are ready to buy today. Full attention should be given to their concerns. Frequent contact to these ready-to-buy clients keeps you in the picture, and confirms your dedication to customer service. This process of contact delineation is also appropriate for your professional referral sources. Every category of work relationships can be catagorized into A, B or C type prospects and will save you time and effort. It will also help in identifying who will be the best candidate for the 1-800 Call Capture marketing. ?B? and ?C? leads will make up 90 percent of your potential market. 75 percent of B & C?s will stay with the first contact that makes the time to educate them. 50 percent will buy from someone in the next 3 to 9 months. Call capture helps drive those potential clients to you. Those B?s and C?s are looking for product information, current rates, help with pre-qualification and pre-approvals and ways to improve their credit. . Call Capture and the Prospect Call capture listings pique the prospects? interest; they see that the information is available 24 hours a day and they can listen to the information at their leisure. If they choose, the prospect can have the information faxed to them or they can be directed to the agent. The agent is notified directly about the interested property and the prospect?s contact information is emailed or text messaged to the agent, even if the phone number is unlisted. Working with Builders 1-800 Call Captures allows sales coverage for a builder 24 hours a day, giving specific extensions on different models. It provides information, even before the sales trailer is up and running. Working with FSBO?S Offering the FSBO the technology for prospects to learn about the home for sale also opens the possibility for assisting the home seller in his or her next purchase. All inquiries will be directed to you and allows you the chance to speak with the prospects, encourage pre-qualifying and make that important connection, even if the prospect doesn?t buy from the FSBO. Although Call Capture costs a small amount per month, the marketing value and benefits for the loan officer is huge. Offering this service to realtors, builders and FSBO?s immediately creates a practical customer service oriented relationship at a minimal cost. As your clients learn to utilize the Call Capture features, it will elevate you and promote you as their lead loan originator. The following is a list of reports that the loan officer may use as a value-added feature for customer support: For expired listings-?How to Guarantee you?ll get your Home Sold this Time! For First Time Buyers-?Special Report-?How to Buy Your First Home the Easy Way!? or Free Report-?How to Stop Paying Rent Forever?and Own a Home of Your Own!? For Investors-?Avoid 12 Common Mistakes Made by Novice Investors and Guaranteed High Rates of Return! For those looking for a mortgage in the future-?Secrets Lenders Don?t Want You to Know! Read this 11-Point Report Before You sign Anything!? Ready to list-?Ready to List with a Real Estate Agent? 13Things Your Agent Must Do To Maximize Your Profits!? The following is a list of 1-800 Call Capture companies. Take time today to research how Call Capture may improve your business. Call Capture Providers Known in the industry as Proquest Technology. Great marketing ideas, reports and ideas to increase your business. Excellent reports and articles specific to the mortgage industry Industry Specific and well known in the mortgage industry Marketing ideas specific to the mortgage industry Tom Ninness is Vice President/Regional Production Manager for Cherry Creek Mortgage in Denver, CO. Ninness is also the President of Summit Champions, Inc. and creator of the ?The 90 Day Journey to Your Sales Success?, a powerful 90 day action plan for the sales professional. To learn more about The Journey and all what Summit Champions has to offer, go to, or contact Tom at Office: 720-221-4396.


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