Cramer: Housing Recovery is Underway

by 11 May 2012
(CNBC) -- U.S. stocks faded in the final minutes of trading to close mixed Thursday, though the Dow Jones industrial average managed to snap a six-day losing streak. It seems investors remain cautious as many negatives plague the market today, including everything from Europe’s ongoing debt crisis to falling commodity prices and an economic slowdown in both China and Latin America. To “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer, though, there are a few bright spots in the otherwise blighted economy. “I want to point out the most positive sector right now because when the market's this oversold and you have this level of negativity, the possibility of owning stocks with good fundamentals just becomes too great to pass up,” Cramer said. “There are too many companies doing well to just toss up our hands and hide in cash, even if Europe's misery keeps damaging the global economy.” The real leadership in today’s market is housing, Cramer said, noting most housing-related stocks are pushing higher. Read full article from CNBC


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