CoreLogic introduces new functionality for mortgage fraud mitigation offering

by Francis Monfort08 Oct 2018

CoreLogic has announced the addition of the Blended Reissue functionality to LoanSafe Fraud Manager, its fraud report and mortgage fraud mitigation offering.

With Blended Reissue, investors can gain additional insight into loans they are looking to purchase. CoreLogic said this improves the efficiency of their pre-purchase reviews and allows faster funding of loans.

“Investors typically do not have easy access to all relevant loan data when ordering fraud reports to approve the purchase of a loan – which can unnecessarily hold up the funding of quality loans,” said Bridget Berg, principal for fraud solutions at CoreLogic. “With the introduction of our Blended Reissue functionality in LoanSafe Fraud Manager, investors will now have much greater insight into which fraud alerts were initially triggered and cleared during the origination process, allowing them to more quickly approve a purchase or spot potential fraud, helping them save time and reduce costs.”

The functionality provides investors controlled coordination of the fraud review between parties, simplifies the transition of important information between the originator and the investor, allows users to see how the originator cleared alerts, and can help reduce costs. CoreLogic has also made available the customization of the functionality within the LoanSafe Fraud Manager report based on an investor’s unique policies.