Consumer advocacy sues for records of Trump's CFPB director nominee

by Francis Monfort26 Jul 2018

Consumer advocacy group Allied Progress has asked a federal court to order the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to release information on the records of Kathy Kraninger, who has been nominated by President Donald Trump as director of the CFPB.

Allied Progress, represented by ethics watchdog American Oversight, filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the two agencies seeking Kraninger’s employment documentation, travel and reimbursement information, calendars, and electronic communications.

The advocacy group noted that Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) pointed out during Kraninger’s confirmation hearing in the Senate Banking Committee that the White House has not responded to a letter from Committee Democrats requesting answers to various questions about Kraninger’s record.

Allied Progress said that the failure of the OMB and CFPB to provide any of the requested documents has forced it to ask a federal court to order the agencies to release the records to the public.

“As we saw during last week’s confirmation hearing, Kathy Kraninger has no interest in letting the American people learn more about her record of mismanagement before Senators vote on her confirmation for CFPB director,” Allied Progress Executive Director Karl Frisch said. “On issue after issue, from the Trump administration’s family separation immigration debacle to its disastrous response to the crisis in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, Kraninger refused to answer even the most basic questions from Senators about her role in these policy blunders. If OMB and CFPB are going to stonewall the release of documents and information that could shed light on Kraninger’s record, we have no choice but to go to court.”


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