Collateral Based Lending: A ?New? Type of Lending? by Tom Krug

by 29 Jul 2010
Looking for the next big thing? You're not alone. With the end of the Home-Buyer Tax Credit, Loan Officers need to adapt and recognize the need to rebuild their pipelines. How? If you are receiving requests for cash-out loans or believe your clients have a need for cash, consider Collateral Based Lending. Forget about looking on your traditional lender rate sheets or calling up your Hard Money contacts- you won't find it there, but when it comes to needing a quick solution to your clients needs, Collateral Lending can help fund those loans, and help you earn great commissions too. The 4th quarter of 2009 recorded the second lowest amount of cash-out mortgages in 25 years. Did borrowers just not have a need for bill consolidation? No need for extra cash? Hardly. Bob Hope's one liner could sum up how most borrowers feel today, "A bank is a place that will lend you money if you prove that you don?t need it."


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